June 28th, 2008


I'm cuckoo for Kukulkan!

Long ago when I worked for Microware Systems Corporation, I worked with a very neat guy... he had a small piece of original artwork by Don van Vliet, who you may know better as Captain Beefheart, and like me is a very big fan of the good Captain and his Magic Band.

That in itself tells you know that our tastes and perhaps viewpoints are not necessarily average. I'll never forget him, or the day that we came up with the idea for The Mayan Devotional Hour.

First, you should know that the vast majority of American religious radio shows that refer to themselves as The [fill in the blank] Hour are in fact only half an hour long. Perhaps they started out at an hour in length... I'll probably never know.

So... The Mayan Devotional Hour was to be a half-hour program of someone emitting glossolalia a la Sid Caesar--who is a master of it, as you know if you've had the pleasure of watching him do it, most recently that I know of on some episodes of the US version of Whose Line is It, Anyway?--interspersed with drums, rattles, and gongs and the like. At the end would come a plea for funds, in English... after all, it's getting hard to find people willing to have their hearts cut out... and to any who donated, we would send a green feather as a symbol of Quetzalcoatl.

Of course, we never recorded The Mayan Devotional Hour... but whenever I need a smile, I can think back to that twisted evening that we devised it.
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