May 29th, 2008


I think it's modular power supplies for me from now on...

Got one a few days ago, 400 watts, same as the power supply Pooh 2 came with, and modular!

What that really means: instead of having a fixed set of cabling and connectors, there's the 20/24-pin and four-pin power connectors--everybody needs those--and a row of female Molex connectors, along with a set of cables that have Molex at one end, and different things at the other. In the case on the power supply I got, one was the usual two Molexes and the funny little power connector for a floppy, for what at least used to be the standard setup--primary IDE and a floppy; one had two SATA power connectors, a couple had connectors of the sort one uses for high-end power-hungry graphics cards. The idea is, you use what you need and no more, that last part being important because all those stray unused cables take up space and block airflow that is crucial these days, especially if, like irpooh and me, you're taken with the Micro ATX cases.

The Antec power supply is really good... but not for a Micro ATX case. I'll get around and take it back to where we got it, which we did because we wanted to be back  up and running quickly.

P.S. OK, perhaps for some application where resistance to vibration and such is important I wouldn't do it, but aside from that...
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