May 24th, 2008


RFK brouhaha

The Hildebeast got a good taste of her toes, going off on some bizarre tangent about RFK's assassination while justifying her continuing campaign.

(I don't think she needs to justify it, though it seems to be pointless (not to mention very expensive; how many million dollars in debt is the campaign now?), unless her goal is now to undermine Obama so she can run in 2012.)

Also, there are claims she's trying to convince Obama to pick her for VP.

I hope Obama is smarter than that. I am certain that the Hildebeast will stop at nothing to get the presidency.

UPDATE: I missed the interpretation that people are bringing up in the press and elsewhere: that the Hildebeast is hanging on in hopes of Obama's assassination, at which time she assumes the mantle and goes on to the general election. I wouldn't put that past her, either.
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A classic quote

I have to admire it because it shows a man who keeps what he does in perspective.
"My best work is poop tomorrow." --Mario Batali
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