May 21st, 2008


Yet another Pooh 2 update...

Last night the power supply fan started to die... and irpooh can't afford to be incommunicado while we wait for a power supply from, so we trundled to Office Depot and grabbed an Antec power supply--this one is supposedly politically correct, quiet, and efficient.

Swapped things out, and all was well. It's insanely quiet, and supposedly we'll save on electricity because it's more than 80% efficient. Makes me want to go replace the new power supply in my case... :) If there's a problem with it, it's that it's got plenty of connectors for your system--two PCI-E connectors, in case you're a gamer with more money than sense and you're running SLI, and so forth--which means that it's too many for a Micro ATX system. Wish they'd done a modular version.

Just now I got a phone call; the computer was sitting there, unresponsive, USB keyboard without power, ditto graphics card, and the power LED on the case was blinking. I bet it's gotten itself into some kind of standby mode, and we'll have to figure out how to get it out (and whether I need to do some BIOS settings to make that possible).

P.S. I installed some sensor-related packages in hopes of adding an applet to irpooh's taskbar to display the current CPU temperature. I can't think that would have set the computer to default to going into a standby mode, but OTOH, aside from the power supply swap, that's all that changed.
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