May 15th, 2008


New CD from Mr. Stinky Feet!

irpooh works each year at the Iowa State Fair. She's done various jobs, and sometimes I go along (depending in part on my employment status, so I don't expect to get out much this year).

In particular, it has often had to do with support for the performers who appear at the Fun Forest Stage. There have been some amazing acts there, most memorably for me the Wild Zappers deaf dance troupe and a fellow who's the subject of this post, Jim Cosgrove, aka "Mr. Stinky Feet."

He does amazingly good albums of children's music. Wait, wait... there is excellent children's music to be had, and Mr. Stinky Feet's is definitely among it. The lyrics are clever and the musicianship is great, not to mention their skill at the varied styles and genres. In addition, he is, as a local radio host would say, "a heck of a guy."

Anyway... he has a new album coming out on May 20th, and he's doing something like what a group one would never think one would mention in a post about children's music, namely Radiohead, did recently: you name the price.

If you have children of the appropriate age, or if you just like fun music, check out his web site,
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OK, I'm way behind, but I do get there eventually...

...because I've now bought a copy of the most recent Album of the Year, and it is extremely good.

More years back now than I care to think, Joni Mitchell followed her muse and, instead of doing Court and Spark II, looked elsewhere, into jazz and, way before it was cool, into world music (remember the Burundi drummer track that backed "The Jungle Line"?). The move towards jazz culminated in the daring Mingus, which was not at all well received at first.

Anyway... a jazz great, Herbie Hancock, returned the favor with River: the Joni Letters.

I need to give the instrumentals some time to soak in, but the tracks with vocals are gems, even Leonard Cohen's recital of "The Jungle Line." If you'd asked me which Joni Mitchell song I'd want Tina Turner to do, I'd have told you "Raised on Robbery," but her performance of "Edith and the Kingpin" is alone worth the price of the disc.

OK, you all knew all that already, but I had to say, or rather, type it. Thanks.
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Happy (belated) Birthday

Many times,
Many men
Took our homes,
Took our lives,
Kings they were,
Gone they are--
We're still here. --Sheldon Harnick, "When Messiah Comes" (a song that didn't make it into Fiddler on the Roof)
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