May 10th, 2008


traduttore, tradittore...

There's a good side to not understanding the lyrics... you can project on them what you will.

Another thing is, some things just sound better in another language. A great example of this is what irpooh and I call "The Pasta Song."

We call it this because we first heard it in commercials for Barilla pasta, liked it a lot and tracked it down. It's actually "Mille Lune, Mille Onde" ("A Thousand Moons, A Thousand Waves") from Andrea Bocelli's Cieli di Toscana (Tuscan Skies) album. We bought a copy of the CD... and then found the lyrics.

Anything sounds good in Italian.. ditto for Spanish. Then we saw  the actual lyrics, and one line in the chorus sticks out from them: "Legami con i capelli il cuore." Tie my heart up with your hair.

In Italian, it's wonderful; it reminds me of the long-haired women I've met who did exactly that. In English, it sounds like a surgical technique, or some sort of twisted BDSM activity.

P.S. OK, maybe a more accurate translation is "bind my heart with your hair." That sounds like a desperate move during open-heart surgery on an episode of Survivor in English...
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    What else? "Mille Lune, Mille Onde," Andrea Bocelli