May 9th, 2008


A Worthy Cause

There are fashions and fads in type faces.

It's not the fault of the type designer; indeed, often type faces are overused precisely because they're so good. Papyrus is a beautiful font, but even its creator thinks it's overused.

Trajan has several videos making fun of its seeming ubiquity in movie posters and credits.

A decade ago it was Lithos. Tekton, which imitates the curiously pulled strokes of architects and draftsmen, was beaten to death for a while.

(Then there are the faces that go on and on long past their time, like Freddy Kruger. Can we all agree to wait a decade or so before we use Helvetica again?)

But there are some fonts that must die.

One of them is the ghastly Black Chancery. Its "a" and "q" look like a gratuitous blob of ink dripped from the pen at a bad time; "L" looks like an over the top swashy version of "I", and "F" an overdone "T". Bletch.

The other is Comic Sans.

For more information and suggestions on how you can help, check out
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Dude, We're Getting a Dell!

We're going to take the plunge and get a Dell laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed, so that
  1. It will have hardware we know Linux supports reasaonably.
  2. It will communicate, as transactions in free markets do, that there's demand for Linux.
(Besides, it will be purple.)
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