May 8th, 2008


Alternate Plan of Attack

There's a podcast called One Minute Irish, put out by So, I thought I'd snarf all the episodes so far, subscribe, and see what I could learn.

I went through the first lesson again today, to make sure it soaks in, but I keep peeking at web sites showing the printed form, and am amazed.

The first lesson is "hello" and "goodbye." Modulo inflection, the phrase used that corresponds to English "hello" is pronounced like an English phrase that will be a memorable mnemonic, but makes me smile: "Gee, a ditch!" (Just remember that unlike the mnemonic, the Irish has a descending inflection.)

Looking at a web site, I think this is the written form of  "Gee, a ditch!": Dia duit. (Literal translation: "God to you.")

As a programmer, I have an aversion to this style of language learning; I want to skip to the BNF in the back of the book. I'll give it a try, though.

There are dialects of Irish, just as there are of English or about any language. I hope these podcasts use the most common one.
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