May 7th, 2008


Surely someone's done this by now...

There's a movie about the last days of WWII in Europe, or about the last days of Hitler, that's become a sort of YouTube classic, because people take a portion of it, in which his officers break some bad news to him and he goes off the deep end, and make up fake subtitles, so that it supposedly becomes about setbacks in whatever company or group one wants to make fun of.

Surely someone has done a version of it for Hillary Clinton by now.

Yeah, i know, Godwin's Law. Whatever.... the barking moonbats claimed Godwin's Law didn't apply to their tirades about "Chimpy McBushitler;" as they call GWB. "He really is a Nazi," they'd say. I don't think the Hildebeast is a Nazi. I think she's a power-mad, amoral vermin, willing to trash anything, including the Democratic Party and perhaps even the US, to get what she wants... but I don't think she's a Nazi. It's just that the image of a frothing lunatic in the Hildebunker, refusing to acknowledge that it's over, just keeps coming to mind.

UPDATE: Ask and ye shall receive... (there's a more recent version, and the editor munged the HTML when I tried to insert the second while leaving the first, so we'll put the later one here)
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