May 4th, 2008


iTunes via WINE? It's looking promising with 0.9.61

Wow. The new WINE is here, or should I say "Le WINE nouveau est arrivé"? (Ah, well; at least I'm on my new computer and have just installed Hardy Heron, so I'm not putting new WINE in an old wineskin. [insert rim shot + lightning bolt sound effect])

So... just for the heck of it, I grabbed the Windows iTunes installer and fired it up. It kvetched about not being set to notice CDs when they're inserted, but ran to completion (unlike the last time I did that with WINE 0.9.60). When I fire it up, it wants me to rerun the installer, which I will try, but it does go ahead and bring up the iTunes screen. It seems to have noticed at least some MP3 files I have, but doesn't play them successfully. I just subscribed to a podcast and it's downloading an episode; once it's done I will try to play it. (Ah... no wonder the one episode is 60 MB; it's a video podcast--which you'd just about have to have for a podcast about GIMP.)

Why do I care? Well... one year everyone at the place I worked at the time got a 60 GB video iPod for Christmas, and while Rockbox is OK, I would still like to use the interface it comes with. I'm sorry, but it's nice. Apple put a lot of work into it.

So, here I am, and it's very close to just working... or at least a lot closer than it used to be. It's not noticing that I plugged the iPod in, which definitely puts a crimp in things. One less thing tied to the Evil Empire...

UPDATE: Dang. It died when I tried to play the podcast. Ah, well; I will report on what happened, and perhaps that will help.
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