April 18th, 2008


Did we just get cased?

A young woman just now knocked on our sliding door and asked to use the phone, saying she wanted a ride home. When she asked whether she could wait in our unit for her ride, we suggested that she wait near the complex entrance.

Somehow, I have the feeling we've just been cased. Time to get appropriate hardware.

I hate being paranoid, but...

UPDATE: about half an hour later, a woman called asking where the complex was and saying that her daughter had called. I'm either relieved or very impressed with the lengths they went to for verisimilitude.
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Yet another misleading commercial...

I was reading a blog while the commercials between segments of CSI: Miami played, and suddenly heard a woman claim that she lost lots of weight by using Solaris.

Huh? Why should the operating system she uses matter for weight loss? Well, maybe if you go to the gym to vent your frustrations with Windows...

I turned and looked. The actual spelling of the product's name was "Cylaris," but I swear she said "Solaris".

OK, so it's not up there with "Ass Effects"... :)
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