April 12th, 2008


I am sitting in a hotel in Elgin, Illinois...

...in a room with perhaps thirty other people (airline problems have kept some away). This is the seventeenth time we have assembled in the Chicago area, so the first time was in 1991--and that was the year that the item we celebrate stopped being sold (it had stopped being manufactured some time earlier). We are older and grayer, but all that is forgotten here.

Why do we do it? There is still some hardware development being done for the Tandy Color Computer, though now many people use emulators; custom chips die and can't be replaced, as do the floppy drives, ancient even when the CoCo was still sold, that Radio Shack supported for it... and besides, the way the CoCo was organized--set up so it could be sold to run by itself with a TV, and perhaps a cheesy cassette player to save programs and data, so that the addons to make it civilized mean lots of additional boxes and outlets--makes it very inconvenient, to be honest, by today's standards.

We do it because we're a family, with the shared experience of knowing the merit of Motorola processors and Microware's OS-9 over the ghastly obscenities that are the x86 architecture and Microsoft Windows, and dealing with know-nothing Radio Shack salesmen. Also, we enjoy doing what we can with minimal resources, for the same reason hams operate QRP and poets write sonnets. To find out more, visit coco3.com... and to find out what's coming, visit coco4.com.
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