April 3rd, 2008


Heatsink update

So, what did I actually choose?

I ended up with the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 LP. LP presumably means "low profile," though I hope it's long playing as well. Overclockers will look down their noses at it, but I'm not going to be overlocking my 2.8 GHz 65W Athlon 64 x2, thank you very much. (Well... the Biostar TF7050-M2 provides facilities in the BIOS for casual as well as hard-core overclockers, so I may experiment a little bit.)

Yay.... no more !@#%!@% spring-loaded clips that you have to lever out and onto plastic tabs with a screwdriver as visions of irreparably plowing through the umpteen-layer motherboard race through your head. (You get to trade that for wondering whether you've tightened the screws down enough, or whether the next half-turn will snap the motherboard in two.)

Despite that, it's still one huge sucker. 520 grams (almost 19 oz.),  106 x 76 x 59 mm, and two fans (one at each end), and it at least looks like it will fit on the motherboard--and even suck some air across the passively-cooled chipset.

The most outrageous heatsinks are the ones designed to be passive (assuming you have lots of fans elsewhere in the case to move air past them... and the most over-the-top, Vegas-level gaudy heatsink that is or probably ever will be has to be the ZEROtherm BTF95.  BTF stands for butterfly, as you can tell by looking at this photo.
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Hell Freezes Over

Strangely, I find myself agreeing with Randi Rhodes, the blowhard who's been suspended from her gig at Air America Radio (which, strangely, still exists).

I wouldn't lace my speech so thoroughly with profanities, but she does nail it when she says "[Hillary's] deal is always 'Read the fine print, [anus]!" That's exactly right.

So, bravo, Ms. Rhodes. You got at least one.

In a double play, I will even link to the Huffington Post, that soapbox for left-wing celebrities who don't need a soapbox, for video of Ms. Rhodes's performance.
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