April 1st, 2008


Left hand, meet right hand...

Sent off the order for parts for Eeyore 2, and then to prepare, downloaded the motherboard manual--and was freaked out.

The PDF for the manual that the manufacturer had online said max RAM is 4 GB, and it will support 1 GB per slot. The spec page at newegg.com said max RAM is 8 GB, which at four slots implies 2 GB per slot--and following that, I'd ordered what was by all reports a good deal on 4 GB of RAM, two sticks of 2 GB.

The very nice newegg.com online chat person assured me they got the spec info from the manufacturer, so I got on the phone with the manufacturer, whose also-very-nice representative looked it up and assured me that 8 GB was the right figure, and that they'd do something about that manual on the web site.

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