March 30th, 2008


Twiggy (now Pooh 2) update

Good heavens. I about had a cow this morning.

I made Billie's home directory on Pooh 1 available via NFS so I could copy it to Pooh 2 (The Computer Formerly Known as Twiggy), copied, changed ownership (I thought I had user numbers consistent, but didn't, sigh), and made it her home directory... and all went well.

Then came time to move cards from Pooh 1 to Pooh 2--in particular, the AGP graphics card and one of the TV tuner cards. I did that, swapped out the wireless card (didn't need it any more, and slots are scarce with Micro AGP form factor) and pulled the PCI graphics card we'd been getting along with. Fired it back up, and all looked well--until it hung.

A reboot hung as well. Went into the CMOS menu and looked at some settings... and it died as I switched one of the settings.

Oh, dear. Let's see... I sank 150 into mobo and CPU, 100 into 2 GB of RAM--the case and hard drive and DVD probably weren't fried, but...

So, I finally got my courage up, disconnected things, slid the motherboard tray completely out, reseated cards, put a jumper for the sound in the right place (it wasn't connecting anything, so it shouldn't have caused the failures, but still... even so we wanted sound out the back rather than front, so it needed to be done), slid it back, reconnected everything, and crossed our fingers...

...and it seems to have worked. Pooh 2 is up and running.

Also, I now have more info about the display. Log in under KDE, and the display looks wretched... on one LCD monitor, the one that hooks up via VGA. The other, which hooks up via DVI, looks all right. Fire up a program, and drag the window from one monitor to the other--one looks lousy, the other looks good. Alas, the only AGP cards I can find with two DVI connections are ATI, and the info hasn't been out long enough for decent 3D Open Source ATI drivers to come out yet (and even when it does, will they include the older chipsets that I'm sure is all there is on AGP nowadays?). So... what is it about GNOME/GTK, or maybe my settings for GNOME, that is making the difference?
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Addendum: Not as stoic as I thought

I cry when I watch sad movies and listen to sad songs. Heck, I cry at happy endings as well. Long ago, when my parents traded in the 1963 Valiant, I cried.

I didn't think I would react emotionally to retiring a PClone. After all, they're interchangeable, not like, say, a CoCo, with which I spent some of the best years of my life. ("Now Nortons, and Indians, and Greeves won't do/They don't have a soul like a Vincent '52...") And yet... when I set Pooh 1 aside, I wasn't as stoic as I thought I'd be, even though we will find it a home.
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