February 24th, 2008


Wireless networking update, and The Silence of the Twiggy

Well... I grabbed a Netgear WDA-2320 PCI card, listed as "just working", and it just worked. I'm connected through it as I type this.

I will say this... I thought that throughput was bad at Chase Suites, where it was a bit under 1 Mbit/s, but that was before Guesttek at Studio Plus. We're talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 300-400Kbit/s. I hasten to add that their service is very good... but the throughput is abysmal. I will have to go looking for web sites that rate hotels for wifi.

The HP LCD monitor we got has built-in speakers, so we tried connecting it to the rear-panel sound output jack (the green one, right?). No luck. Guess I'll have to look at the jumper settings, as I noticed that the manual said a jumper controls whether it goes to the rear panel or to some pins one can connect to a cable to run to the front of the case if you're so inclined. (I've already checked CMOS; the on-mobo sound is enabled.)

UPDATE: double checked the manual and the connector on the motherboard, and no jumpers, so it's expecting a connector going to the front panel, which surprised me, as the case Twiggy was in had no connector there. Guess it wasn't being used in a way that sound mattered.
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Darned good friends

Holy cow.

Two friends essentially spent their Sunday helping us way beyond the call of duty, getting stuff packed and moved out of the way of the oncoming people who will, we hope, pull the ruined carpet. I've got to work tomorrow, so I won't be able to deal with the remaining things... but we'd have been in a world of hurt were it not for their help.

Thank goodness.
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