February 17th, 2008



We still haven't cleared things out so that the flooring can be replaced. It's a LOT of work, the dead of winter, and neither of us are in any shape to do this. We did get a fair amount done yesterday, leaving us wiped out after about five hours' work.

After this is all over, we will have a long and twisted tale to tell. I don't know whether I can do it justice; HST could, I'm sure, but I'm no HST. (irpooh is probably glad about that.)

One thing I can say: Twiggy is running very nicely. The Ultra Black Micro Fly (sorry... it's such a silly name I have to use it) case sensor is running a few degrees Celsius cooler than whatever CPU temperature sensor E17 uses, despite my having stuck it per instructions in the heat sink fins. I'll probably replace the graphics card today.

P.S. The hints other than the big FIREWIRE label that was applied to cables to both the IEEE 1394 and the USB connectors in the UBMF (guess Ultra didn't think about possible acronyms when naming) sufficed. I plugged a (very serendipitously found! Bless you, irpooh) USB flash drive into the USB socket on the case's front panel, and nothing untoward happened.
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Clive CompUSA store liquidation countdown

I was there Friday night in hopes of finding something I could use for wireless networking in Twiggy. (No such luck, which is what one should expect when pressed in this situation--alas, wireless networking is one place where Linux has problems, caused, I must add, by the @#%!@#% hardware makers who don't release the info needed to write Open Source drivers.) On the way out, there was a whiteboard with the count of days left: 14. So.. in two weeks, CompUSA's presence in Des Moines disappears, save for whatever lag there is in taking down the sign on the front of the building.

Hmmm... Tiger Direct has a bunch of outlet stores in the Chicago area. Any chance of one in the greater Des Moines area? I know just the place.
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