January 31st, 2008


It's the little obstacles that drive you nuts.

The Ultra Black Micro Fly case is sitting by me as I type, with all the components in it. OK, once I make sure things work we'll transfer Billie's graphics card, at least one TV tuner card (which will be obsolete in about a year, sigh), and her data to it, but right now it has what it needs to function.


Both front and rear fans on the Ultra Black Micro Fly case have those funky little connectors that go to the motherboard so you not only power the fan but have a chance to detect its speed. Twiggy's motherboard has two such connectors--but one of them must, for safety's sake, be connected to the CPU fan. Good cooling is important for small cases, so I am leery of powering up without that fan having power.

Also, am I imagining things, or didn't CD/DVD drives come by default with the cable to connect the analog audio output to one's sound card or on-mobo sound input of choice? Well, the lovely little Lite-On DVD burner with LightScribe that I bought doesn't.

Honest, dear, I am really trying to get this up and going for you, even though it's going to make me envious and spend that much more time staring at my wish list on newegg.com. :) This is the sort of thing I'd go to CompUSA for, back when it existed. If I get desperate enough, I might even go tonight to see whether anything's left, in particular two cables of the sort I need.

UPDATE: Whew. DIT Computers just down the road a bit has the cables I need, one for $1 and the other for $2. Too bad they don't keep the hours that CompUSA did...

UPDATE2: The local DIT store was out of one, didn't carry the other ("They haven't been used since back around the time Windows 2000 came out..."). In fact, CompUSA is still there, the liquidators trying to sell things at not all that great of a discount for anything significant. OTOH, for connectors and cables things were not too bad.

I do kind of wonder about what the DIT guy said... that would mean that programs that play CDs wouldn't just set up the path from CD to sound input and let it run, but rather would have to read the data and feed it itself. Sounds CPU-intensive to me, though maybe with DMA not all that much so.
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