January 26th, 2008


CompUSA returns... sort of

They evidently were bought out by Systemax, a company that has sold computers through various other companies for some time. As I'd let myself get on CompUSA's mailing list before, I'm on it now... but I don't mind in this case, because they sent me an offer for $10 off on a purchase. So, I obligingly ordered a Lite-On DVD burner with Lightscribe at a respectable price (around $30), even before the $10 off, along with appropriate cabling. (Yes, there is Linux software to do Lightscribe. Proprietary (grumble grumble), but it exists.)

Dang... if the old CompUSA had prices like this, they could have stayed in business.

So... shortly, Twiggy will get moved into the Micro ATX case I got, have DVD, hard drive, and graphics card transplant (I maxed it out on RAM, figuring this was the time to do so before DDR becomes even more expensive than it is now) along with at least one of the TV tuner cards from Billie's current computer, and then she'll have a spiffy new (to her) computer that goes darn near twice as fast as her current computer, not to mention thrash less often, and her current computer will go to a friend who needs one.
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Speaking of a cute little computer for recording...

The Shuttle kpc is so cute you could spit, and if pressed, we could suck the data down to another computer for final burning of CDs or DVDs, though there's a lot to be said for being able to do JIT burning if one runs out in mid-Renfair. Stuff in an M-Audio Delta series sound card as the Ardour folks recommend, and poof! (Hmmm... Ubuntu Studio or dyne:bolic? Decisions, decisions.)

UPDATE: Dang it, no expansion slots in the kpc.
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