January 3rd, 2008


The mad caucus race

I wimped out... for the first time I was too tired to stay to the bitter end to do my best to counteract the religious nutcases.

Neither guy I favored came out on top, but both did better than predicted. Huckabee won the Iowa Republican caucus vote... sigh. About the only thing I can say in his favor is that first, he's come out in favor of the Fair Tax, and second, he's not the Hildebeast. The tone-deaf doofuses in the Huckabee camp actually had Sousa's "Liberty Bell March" playing as he came on stage, leaving all of us who came of age in the 70s waiting for the raspberry sound and the huge foot to come down on him.

On the Democrat side, Obama came out on top. I personally think the llamas made the difference--on the hill just before Sleepy Hollow, site of the DMRF, there's a sign with a drawing of a llama, the Obama logo, and the legend "Llamas for Obama." I really must take a picture of it while I have a chance.

Sleazeball trial lawyer and demagogue John Edwards came in second, barely ahead of the Hildebeast, who gave a generic speech afterwards, with Dorian Gray Bill Clinton behind her and Chelsea off to one side; I can just imagine her heading offstage and muttering "Now I can get the hell out of this dump."

I'm glad it's over.
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