December 13th, 2006


Chapter N+1, in which our hero extends his vocabulary

We went to KC last weekend to Kris Kinder, and left early so that we could catch a performance of 3 Pints Gone at a house. Very nice people all around... and we met the KCRF Queen Mum, a beautiful and charming lady, after not having seen her for some years. (Got to meet her husband as well... nice guy.)

During intermission, Kathleen handed out Christmas carol lyrics and music, and, since people didn't care to go house to house, we caroled inside. I sang harmony where I could. (I ended up doing "and a partridge in a pear tree," and slipped in "Come on, get happy" the first time...should've saved it for last.)

Anyway...3 Pints Gone were excellent, of course, and had the percussionist, bass, and fiddler who backed them on There is a Ship. I retreated to the living room towards the end—things were cramped in the room where they were singing, and I was getting a crick in my neck—and I fear the harmony line I sang on the Irish blessing stuck out more than it should have.

We chatted a bit afterwards, but only a bit; we were both getting pretty tired. In passing, while talking about favorite tracks on the new CD, I heard a new term, as I was called a "harmony slut."

I was more than a little puzzled. Google turned up some useful pages, though. Several refer to a button that reads "Harmony slut—I'll sing with anyone." So I'll take it as a compliment. :)
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