October 17th, 2006


Grace Slick peers into the automotive future

No, really! You can't go by the printed lyrics; you have to dust off your copy of Surrealistic Pillow and listen to it. Right there, in the middle of "White Rabbit," she clearly sings

"And if a Yugo chasing rabbits..."

Of course, we didn't realize this until the Yugo actually came out. Then

"...and you know you're going to fall..."

and indeed, the Yugo was a notoriously bad car that lives on mostly in lists of the world's worst cars (and can't even win there, compared with the Trabant).

OK. As irpooh will tell you, I'll never be an actor because I can't keep a straight face. The above is the same process as that by which the scribblings of Nostradamus or the random garbage emitted by the so-called "Bible Code" are retrofitted into things that have already happened, though I didn't put nearly as much effort into it as they do. (Funny how nobody recognizes a "prediction" before it happens.) The same method generates "Look! That cloud looks like a bunny!"

Humans are good at recognizing patterns...even where they don't exist. Fortunately, we have things like science so that other people can say "Um, I don't see a bunny there" and we can filter out the BS.
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