September 8th, 2006


It's hard to type with fingers crossed...

...but things are looking promising on the nVidia vs. KT600 front.

DIT Computers was finally good for something; they had a 128MB GeForce FX5500 AGP card for relatively cheap ($45). It's a decent step up from the MX4000 that always made the KT600 freeze, and a vast improvement on the MX400 that I dropped back to in exasperation.

OK, now that any gamers reading this are busy ROFLTFAO, I can say that it's been running about seven or eight hours, with GL screensavers enabled, and hasn't hung up yet. The MX4000 typically took a few minutes to freeze with X eating 99+% of CPU cycles using nVidia's proprietary driver. Another day or two, and I'll consider the problem solved.

(Replaced by the problem that, with the improved gfx performance, it will be harder to resist Second Life...)
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