September 3rd, 2006


Made out like bandits!

OK... I guess we celebrated Labor Day like good little consumers, i.e. we bought stuff.

In particular, since we have performances coming up and need to get stuff ready to sell there, we went to CompUSA since they had a coupon for %20 off various things including jewel boxes.

I wandered by the graphics cards just in case some better nVidia card than I have (which is just about all of them; these days MX 400 is pretty laughable) had the little red star that indicated a clearance item which implies a hefty discount this week. I didn't see any, but I did see one of a particular item left, namely CompUSA SKU 334218, 3.5" external network storage enclosure.

What's that, you ask? Well, what it really is is a special purpose Linux box with an IDE connection you can stick a hard drive on. Stuff in a hard drive, put it on your LAN, and you can get to it via its web server to configure it so that people on the LAN have access to part or all of the hard drive. The intent is that the hard drive be formatted FAT32 (barf), since they figure everybody uses Windows (the box has Samba, of course), but no matter. Linux boxes can get to it, too.

Now I'll be able to set up cron jobs to run to back up irpooh's computer, and will still be able to back up my /home partition and easily do whatever reinstallation or switching of distributions I care to try. Not to mention that we can put shared stuff on the box as well.

Back to the scene in the store: this beastie was there for $60. A not bad deal compared to the $130 for the Netgear box of similar function, though it did have space for two hard drives. Also, the little thing describing the box and giving the price showed a red star--which marks a clearance item this week. So... 25% off that, and it's $45 instead of $60. Hot dog!

We'll pull the hard drive from the USB enclosure, stuff it in this box, put it on the net, and off we go. could use an older computer for this, but saving the space and not having to futz with another monitor or a KVM switch is worth it.
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My So-Called Second Life

OK. I will have to make a point of not getting too involved in Second Life.

Part of that will happen automatically, because land costs you bigtime, both for the purchase and for SL property taxes (I suppose that one can avoid virtual death, but avoiding virtual taxes is too much to ask for). Ditto for most stuff, though there's a surprising amount of free stuff. Unless you're providing some desired service or object (created via a special scripting language, which I am liable to read up on... perhaps the free/cheap stuff is from people's early efforts at scripting) that people value enough to pay you generously, owning property on SL is an expensive hobby. (OTOH, the sufficiently talented or imaginative or those good at determining what the virtual public wants can in theory make a living at it, since there is an exchange between "Linden bucks" and real world money.)

But...SL is open-ended, and I expect that many simply wander about or meet virtually with friends, and that one can do for free. One also receives a (small) initial fund and (very small) stipend for each week one is active.

Speaking of "desired services"... evidently SL has regions where a very old profession indeed is practiced. I'd seen a blurb in the newcomer's area on reporting abuse, but when some bozo actually offered to find me virtual work as an escort or stripper, I was sufficiently startled to not remember how to go about it. I declined, more politely than necessary, and J. Random Bozo vanished in search of others to proposition.
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Holy cow...

Day by Day appears to have taken a sudden, very tragic turn. I'm not sure I want to see what happens.

UPDATE: OK...Chris Muir is a darned good cartoonist, but I'm glad he's not here right now. New mood: AAAARGH!
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