August 26th, 2006


Did you mean...?

Concentio Agnorum isn't a particularly common name, and if you go Googling it, there are currently about thirty-two hits. Most are from web sites of fairs we've played (but a couple are from sites where we're on the playlist: BeOS Radio and RenRadio).

Anyway... a sign of that rarity, or perhaps that Google thinks it's a spelling error, is that Google suggests something else you might have meant. The first time I noticed it, Google helpfully said

Did you mean concerto asinorum?

(Hmmm... The Asses' Concerto. Every search engine is a critic...)

But now, it says

Did you mean concentio anglorum?

I don't know whether that's a step up or not.

Neither of those turn up any results, which is a shame. Someone ought to write the Asses' Concerto.
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GEICO update

Now I can imagine CSNY singing "I hope I never get hit in the rear again" with C/F on "rear" resolving to F on "-gain"... so I will have to think back through all the CSN[Y] and C&N tracks I remember to see if they close a song similarly enough to cause me to imagine that.
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    in my head, in my head (apologies to Ms. O'Riordan)