August 18th, 2006


The Silence of the Hurricanes

If you Google with the search string 'Katrina "global warming"' you get about 6.4 million hits. They vary between ominous "could it be?" articles to flat out "Katrina's real name: global warming."

OK. It's been a year. Al Gore is still foaming at the mouth about the environment. I haven't heard anyone say that things are better... and yet, this year we've had only three tropical storms so far, and no hurricanes. What happened?

Take a look at what Dr. Roy Spencer has to say about the question.
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Reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes...

I went in to see a doctor (not our canonical one; he wasn't available today). He removed the sutures, and I was reminded of a Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin was going to carve pumpkins.

Calvin: OK, Jack! Time for your lobotomy!
Hobbes: Oooh. No anaesthetic...

I told the doctor about it...after he removed the sutures. (Not being anaesthetized, I had enough wits about me not to make someone about to poke around at me laugh.)

It didn't hurt too bad, even though the adhesive on the bandages I used did a number on the skin surrounding the incision site. (Bad me.)

I go back on Thursday to check on progress towards healing. Still gotta keep it dry, which will make showering still more fun given the non-waterproof nature of the Steri-Strips and bandage they're wrapped in.

Alas, not having a copy of Triplanetary at hand, I can't quote E.E. "Doc" Smith's on-the-nose short description of a recovering patient.
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