July 30th, 2006


If it's not one thing, it's another...

Thers's still some stuff not quite right about the minivan, so back it's gone to Iowa Auto so it will be as cold as it can be in this kind of weather tomorrow when they have a chance to look at it. This last stretch of problems with transportation has run us over $1K, and I hope whatever is still wrong is something obvious and very inexpensive.

Just now I heard a protracted beep, and looked over at irpooh's computer. The right hand monitor is conspicuously blank, as in no electrons hitting the phospor blank, despite being turned on. I shut her computer off...the beep continued (and indeed continues), so I supsect the UPS either has come unplugged or its battery has bought the farm (I suspect the latter). It's going to be fun getting stuff cleared so I can drop her back to single-head operation and figure out just what the bleep, you should pardon the expression, is going on.

UPDATE: It was the UPS; the right hand monitor was plugged into it. We're back up and running.
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Help someone who's seriously innovating in the FOSS world

The guy who is developing SymphonyOS, a Linux distribution with some interesting approaches to package maintenance and user interface, is in serious financial trouble... as in the electricity in his apartment has been cut off.

I'd refer you to the pertinent white papers, but the SymphonyOS site is running in stripped down mode thanks to the load on the server. Best I can do right now is point you to the Wikipedia pages for Mezzo and SymphonyOS.

If you have an interest in innovation in Open Software and have the $$$ to spare, please consider supporting his effort.
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