July 11th, 2006


Graphics hell

Sigh. I'm back in the nVidia half of the endless cycle of trying to get decent graphics going on this computer.

I have a PCI MX4000 card that I'm trying to use while I decide what to do next. So...I put it in, switched over from AGP, got the proprietary nvidia driver going nicely... and sure enough, once again we get the same behavior as we got before. After a while, the screen freezes, though the mouse cursor moves; x.org chews up 99+% of the CPU, and one can ssh in.

The AGP MX4000 card that exhibited this behavior in this computer (which has an ECS KT600A motherboard, hence VIA KT600 chipset, and Sempron 2400+) has been working beautifully in one of the K7S5A boxes (SiS 735 chipset). I thus suspect that something about the KT600 chipset is either flaky or does something to exercise a bug in the nVidia proprietary driver.

I look forward to seeing results from the Open Graphics Project so I can email ATI and nVidia, inform them that they will no longer be getting my business unless they provide Open Source drivers, and cheerfully suggest that they FOAD.
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