May 20th, 2006


New Owain Phyfe CD

We bought two copies of Lágrimas de Sangría (which I think is a takeoff on "lágrimas de sangre") in Norman at the Medieval Fair. (I promise I'll write about that... honest!)

This one's a bit different—the music is modern music of Latin America. (If you enjoyed Linda Ronstadt's Canciones de Mi Padre you might want to compare and contrast her and Owain's versions of "Rogaciano el Huapangero.")

That said, the artistry and musicianship is unchanged, i.e. excellent. No home should be without it.

You know, you can watch the evolution of Spanish by listening to Owain Phyfe's records, and this is no exception. Check out the chorus of the Venezuelan song "Caballo viejo," where the "d" is elided out of the past participles (isn't that how Portuguese does it?):

Caballo le dan sabana porque está viejo y cansao,
pero no se dan ni cuenta que un corazón amarrao
cuando le sueltan las riendas es caballo desbocao.
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Gee, thanks, Da Vinci Code...

Thanks to the release of the Da Vinci Code movie, the History Channel is running lots of shows about da Vinci, and about the Holy Grail. As a result, a line is going through my head repeatedly. What line, and how did it happen, you ask?

We turn the clock back to the early to mid 1990s. I'm at the Iowa Renaissance Fair and Harvest Festival, high atop the hill where people camp during the Iowa State Fair. This was back when I was a Trolle.

A friend of my fellow singers, who's taken part in local theater (and, unknown to me at the time, thus familiar with my then wife-to-be), is graduating from high school, and is performing at said fair. He and some friends have put together a play of sorts, with lots of audience participation. One vic^H^H^Hmember of the audience gets to perform the part of King Arthur, and the play has to do with the Holy Grail. The play goes over very well, and is a fun half-hour's diversion.

The audience has a bit to do whenever they hear "Holy Grail"...

...and so now, something over a decade later, when J. Random Historian says "Holy Grail," I think to myself (so far I've not done the arm motions... so far) "Grail! Grail! Grail! HUH!"

So, thanks, Da Vinci Code...

...actually, yeah, thanks. It had been a while since I thought about him. I hope he's doing well; he's one of the good guys.
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