May 4th, 2006


Corneas Kansas in August

Last week my right eye was watering pretty well continuously, and of course my nose ran as well. (Perhaps I am getting to be allergic to something.)

My vision was blurry in that eye... well, duh. It was watering, so of course. Only problem: by last Sunday, it wasn't watering any more, but it was still blurry.

(How could I tell which eye? It was easy; I'm among that portion of the population without true stereoscopic vision. 3-D movies don't do a thing for me.) to the doctor, and thence to Des Moines Eye Surgeons. (Just the name set me on edge...) Some waiting, of course, and then some testing later, I was sent out with antibiotic eyedrops and instructions. Somehow, I managed to do some minor damage to my right cornea. ("How can I press on my cornea?" I asked, and then realized my mistake: Retina inside, cornea outside... Sigh. I still wish I knew how it happened, so I can avoid it in the future.)

I went back again on Wednesday, was told I was improving, and given ointment for use at bedtime in addition to the eyedrops. So now, each night, my right eye gets thoroughly ointed before I fall into bed.

I think I see improvement. Tomorrow morning I go back again, and I hope the news will be good.
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    "Doctor, My Eyes," Jackson Browne