April 25th, 2006


wireless security question

OK... reasonable bandwidth Internet is getting to be a common feature at hotels and motels. If it isn't already considered a required amenity on the order of telephone and TV, it will be soon.

That said... the ones I've been to with Wi-Fi are apparently unsecured, and for all I know are using the horrendously insecure WEP.

The solution that I have found looking around is to use a VPN (virtual private network), i.e. you communicate, using encryption, over the wireless link to a system that has a more secure connection. It decrypts your stuff, sends it out on your behalf, and then sends you back the results, encrypted of course, for your system to decrypt and then process when it receives it.

That means somebody out there has to provide that service for you. Evidently there are VPN services you can buy for so much a month or so much a year.

$64 question: can I have my home computer do that for me while I'm away? I suppose I'd have to use something like dyndns to get around DHCP leases expiring, and the other question is whether the TOS of my ISP precludes it.
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