April 18th, 2006


Recurring dreams

There seem to be some themes that recur in my dreams.

In high school I had dreams that ended with falling. Once I got to college, the dreams switched to being on my way to class, very late for class, and in my underwear. Then they went to a couple of varieties: one in which I was flying (not in an aircraft, flying) and unable to control my path or land, and the other in which I would find in the library or get in the mail an important reference work, and wake up just as I opened it.

When I first had to use a positive airway pressure device, I had dreams about being caught in a severe thunderstorm or tornado—I figure those were caused by the mask coming off or loose.

Nowadays, there are two flavors again: one in which I find myself having to drive a car, usually up or down insanely steep grades, and the other in which some animal, sometimes a dog or cat, but sometimes a warthog (don't ask me, ask my subconscious...), clamps on one of my hands and doesn't let go. (I wonder whether the latter happen when I roll over on my hand?)
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    "#9 Dream," John Lennon