March 31st, 2006


live from Norman, OK

It was a dark and stormy night...

No, really, it was. Last night we had planned on getting the [bleep] out of town right after my piano lesson (moved from Tuesday thanks to my instructor's son's soccer practices—no big deal), but then the weather blew in, with nice horizontal rain and 70 mph winds.

So, we waited until things died down, moved stuff out of and into the minivan in a light sprinkle, and finally got on the road just before 9:00 p.m., about three hours later than we had hoped.

The trip down to the Missouri border was white knuckle driving, with lots of sheet lightning (interspersed with starlight, oddly enough). A little past the Missouri border and the starlight prevailed.

The other plan was to stop in El Dorado, KS for the night, but as the night wore on and we switched music from Owain Phyfe to Corvus Corax (no offense, Mr. Phyfe, but Corvus Corax is up there with bagpipe music for keeping you awake on the road!), irpooh was leaning towards pressing on.

We did stop in El Dorado...and found the converter for the marine battery, so I could breathe while sleeping. Gasoline at the QT, and my dear wife went into Cyndi Lauper mode. (Cue the music: "I drove all night...")

I woke up a few miles north of the Stillwater exit on I-35, and we got to Norman a bit after 7:00 a.m.

So... tomorrow it's to the Medieval Fair, and we'll be getting Owain Phyfe's new CD, seeing old friends, and hoping the scattered thunderstorms get scattered elsewhere. Medieval Fair weather is a crap shoot, and this year it's mid-80s. Other years, it's been mid-40s. Yow.
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