March 4th, 2006


So do I need to make a reservation or what?

irpooh is away at the Barony of Forgotten Sea for Spring RUSH, and one of my goals for the weekend is to do some long overdue laundry.

One of the few advantages of our semi-underground condo is that it's immediately next to the laundry room. The sound insulation is very good, and one can barely hear the washer and dryer run... just enough to be able to tell that it's in use.

It's been in use all [expletive] day long, and as I type this it's well on its way to being in use all [expletive] night long, too. My lady wife has posited that some residents here are making some money doing laundry for non-residents, because she's found it in use all day long on weekdays at times, too, and I have to wonder tonight... this is Saturday night. Shouldn't everybody be out dining or watching a movie or engaging in contemporary mating rituals, or something?
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