November 26th, 2005


"The mother ship! The mother ship's the one!"

I live in a condomminum. (When I first moved from a furnished apartment, I had to get furniture in a hurry, and went shopping. "I'm looking for furniture. You see, I just moved from a furnished apartment to a condom, and I...")

When I first moved in, they had a policy about Christmas lighting: white lights only. I even participated in the lighting...once. (It was a pain in the posterior, and my condo is essentially in the basement, on the outside, behind a high fence and essentially invisible. What's the point?)

Things have changed since then. Now, after Thanksgiving, a riot of tasteless multicolored lights festoons the complex, put up by the maintenance guy. There are blankets of lights that irpooh tells me are intended to be wrapped around trees. Here they're hung from the stonework at the entrance.

The nadir of this display, though, is the gazebo at the center of the complex. We call it "the mother ship." I will need to use the tripod, but I will get a photo of this up for your amusement.
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