October 31st, 2005


Seeing the world through blue-colored grasses—er, glasses...

You might be familiar with Hayseed Dixie, the folks who do enjoyable bluegrass versions of AC/DC and other rock and pop songs, or with the lamentably defunct Run C&W (who did surprisingly idiomatic bluegrass versions of R&B classics), but only recently did I hear about Moody Bluegrass, who, as the name suggests, covers Moody Blues classics in bluegrass style.

I'm not a musical purist. OK, maybe I am in some ways; see the Concentio Agnorum manifesto for details... but I am of the opinion that a cover of a song, to have a reason for being, ought to look at it from a different point of view. Moody Bluegrass succeeds very well in that respect, as well as being darned good music. I say check it out.

(BTW...the album was up for Recorded Event of the Year at this year's Bluegrass Music Awards, but didn't get the award. Sigh.)
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    "Legend of a Mind," Moody Bluegrass