October 28th, 2005


chewy 3D-accelerated goodness

If you go look on the nVidia Linux forum for "screen frozen, but mouse pointer moves" bug, you'll find a thread that's been going for quite some time. One user appears to have found the cause, but no word from nVidia of confirmation or a fix.

I've been suffering from this bug on the KT-600 box since upgrading to a GeForce MX 4000 card. (The MX 400 that preceded it had its own problems, notably that mplayer and tvtime would display a flickering pattern of colored rectangles along the right third of the window.) nVidia's proprietary driver invariably lead to the freeze (which doesn't bring the machine to a halt, because you can ssh to it, and then find that X is eating 99+% of the CPU cycles).

I admit...the only thing I really use 3D for is spiffy screensavers...but I ought to be able to use the srizonified thing to full advantage.

So, Wednesday evening when we came home to a nasty buzz from inside the computer and narrowed it down to the fan on the graphics card—some stupid custom size fan that will take time to replace—I decided to risk going over to the other side, and got an ATI-based card. This was not done without trepidation, recalling the way that my wife's computer (which has an ATI card) used to regularly freeze when doing 3D.

Results so far have been good.
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Sure, people may die...but by golly, the CDC has its Japanese garden!

Senator Coburn (R-OK) is at it again. This time, he offered an amendment to spend $60 million allocated for work on CDC facilities in Atlanta on the AIDS Drug Assistance Program. Part of that work is building a Japanese garden.

The amendment was voted down 85-14, almost exactly the same as Coburn's other anti-pork amendments.

Details at Tapscott's Copy Desk.
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