October 21st, 2005


Darn it, why aren't CPU prices falling like they used to?

My lady wife would like a small computer. I have something in mind...see an earlier wishlist I posted here... but a significant part of the cost is the CPU, and the AMD Athlon 64 3000+ has doggedly remained at $146 at newegg.com for quite some time.

OK, admittedly the improved Venice core came out, but...I'm spoiled by the old days of plummeting CPU prices.

The socket 754 chips are decently priced, but then I don't have an upgrade path. (Mmmmm....dual core.)

Darn it.

UPDATE: this page out of Australia claims that price cuts are coming on October 24th and on Halloween. Things are looking up.
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Which is more disgusting--Congress, or the public?

Yesterday, the Senate defeated, 86-14, amendements that would stop spending on selected pork projects, including the infamous Alaskan "Bridge to Nowhere" that will cost $200+ million and be used by exactly fifty people (who could each buy a private jet if the money were divided among them directly), and redirect the money allocated for them to recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

The Alaskan senator who got the "Bridge to Nowhere" put in the spending bill was in high dudgeon, threatening to resign if "money is taken from [his] state." (Sounds like the best thing that he could do for his country to me.)

Senator Patty Murray from Washington threatened Senators who dared vote for the amendments; they could be sure that projects in their states would be subject to "a long, hard look."

IMHO the 86 don't deserve their office. Unfortunately, Congressmen appear to be judged on the basis of how much of other people's money they can seize on behalf of their states/districts. Also unfortunately, incumbents have enough clout that defeating them all would almost certainly put Congress in the hands of the Democratic Party, which would make things even worse. Talk about your double binds.

Pardon me while I puke...after enjoying some pride in being from Oklahoma, state of Tom Coburn, who had the guts to make the corrupt vermin in the Senate reveal their true colors, and feeling some gratitude for the thirteen Senators, including one Democrat, who joined him in voting for the amendments.
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