October 18th, 2005


Where's Geraldo when you really need him?

All the DUnces will, I'm sure, speculate endlessly about this one, tinfoil hats firmly in place: the AP has seen fit to write an article about—I am not making this up— the contents of Karl Rove's garage.

Yes, the Associated Press thinks it's important that you know that they were able to take some pictures of said garage with the door open, and that they saw things like "Some cardboard file boxes stacked one on top of the other, labeled 'Box 6,' 'Box 4' and what appears to be 'Box 7.' No sign of boxes 1, 2, 3 and 5."

Of course, the DUnderheads will pounce on the absence of those boxes and speculate about their possible contents. Surely in them is the smoking gun that will let them finally take down Chimpy McBushitler and his evil henchmen!

The MSM and the DUmmies are beyond parody.
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