October 7th, 2005


Grimacing into the weekend

Today we had networking problems at work, and after an hour or so with no luck restoring them, I decided to pick up my laptop and other stuff and walk home, where I could debug with net access to look up information as needed.

I was about at the halfway mark when I decided I needed to stuff the sweater in one side of the laptop case...ah, over there's a place I could set stuff down and reconfigure, just down these stairs.

Suddenly, I found myself examining the asphalt closely. The last step had a nice coating of sand and small gravel with lovely low coefficients of static and sliding friction, and I'd planted my right foot, which was now complaining, right into the middle of it.

The Kitty Genovese spirit made it to central Iowa sometime in the past few decades; a car or two drove through the parking lot and past where I lay. I called home but got no answer, so after a while, I stood back up and walked the rest of the way home, stopping to wash my hands, as one finger had been scraped somewhat and was bleeding.

We had lunch, and headed to a nearby clinic to have my foot examined. (Yeah, yeah...wrong end.) My blood pressure was very good, oddly enough. (The nurse wasn't amused when I said "Gee, I should fall down more often.") While waiting for the results, we heard someone in the hall saying "We've called the ambulance and faxed the ER..." but fortunately, didn't think they were talking about me. (They weren't.)

So...I have a sprained ankle. It's gotten rather stiff, and there's no comfortable position for it right now. Supposedly it will be better in a week.
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Tonight makes the third episode of Threshold we've seen. I'm not too impressed.

It's done by Brannon Braga, the fellow who, along with Rick Berman, destroyed the Star Trek franchise according to some folks. It's yet another "government covers up alien invasion" show. People have pointed out that the first wave of alien invasion movies and shows started with the Cold War; this wave is no doubt inspired by terrorist attacks.

They almost got one thing right: it makes no sense to send physical objects between star systems, and the main thing they're fighting off since the pilot (which did have a UFO...sigh) is a signal which will infect everyone and turn them into the aliens. Each week it's "can we stop the transmission of the signal/keep someone from putting it on Bittorrent/etc."? So...basically it's the worst of TV SF: phony suspense as the heroes figure out what's happening and put together a doubletalk device to stop it.

Speaking of doubletalk, get this: the aliens genetic material has a triple helix. Oooooooh...

Ah, well...it's filler while I wait to watch NUMB3RS. I guess I hope Threshold does well because Brent Spiner is in it, but that's about it.
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