October 2nd, 2005


unalloyed fun

We just got back from the fall Sioux City Riverssance Festival (the name grated on me for a while, but I'm getting used to it). IMHO this fair could be as good as Siouxland (not that there's any sort of competition; I'm just trying to give an idea of how well things turned out).

I really like the folks running it, and their attitude. Saturday, some amplified background music for a stage was pretty loud. Sunday, it was down to a reasonable level. They're willing to listen, and have a motivated and diligent crew of volunteers.

We had a good time. I feared what I was hearing on the Weather Channel about the predicted temperatures, but it was never really hot. (Even if it had been like they were saying, it would've been nothing compared with their first run in August (?!). I'm a wimp.)

Only one thing grated, and it wasn't any fault of the management—and in any case, I refused to let it bug me.

In the midst of one performer's impromptu performance, things came to a halt. The performer publicly expressed displeasure at another performance, and claimed the other performers had stolen the first performer's set.

Good grief. They were the same [expletive] 18th, 19th, and 20th century songs that just about every [expletive] Irish/Celtic group does (and that have questionable place at events that claim to be at least inspired by the Renaissance). Claiming ownership (aside from those songs that are not in the public domain, e.g "The Scotsman," which was written in the 1980s) of those songs is a joke, and if there was any logic behind the ordering, I didn't see it.
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