September 29th, 2005


This little piggy...

The movement to get rid of government "pork" has gotten a boost from the recent hurricanes. People are contacting their Congresscritters and asking them whether they'd kill off [insert pork project here] in favor of aid to hurricane victims. The Alaska senator who managed to get a bridge that 50 people will make use of (at a cost of $200 million), popularly called the "Bridge to Nowhere," funded went into high dudgeon when the notion was put to him, but some are actually responding reasonably.

For details, check out the Porkbusters page.

Here in the Land of Pig, of course there are pork projects. THe most infamous and blatantly stupid has to be the "Iowa Child Project." You'd think this would be something about children, right?

Well, you'd be wrong. the Iowa Child Project is a proposal to build a really big greenhouse near Coralville, Iowa, in which would be recreated...a rain forest. They used to write "Child" in all caps, because it was an acronym: "Center for Health In a Loving Democracy." I am not, as Dave Barry would say, making this up, though it sounds more like something named in California rather than Iowa. (My suspicion is that it's really from Fairfield, Iowa, home of Maharishi U. and assorted crackpottery, and the only place where I've been asked whether I am a shaman.)

Hurricanes are terrible things, but if a dent can be made in the insane spending of government-seized money on things with no rational, much less consititutional, justification, perhaps something good can come of them.
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