September 25th, 2005


Not a good day...

OK. Today started out all right; we had a leisurely breakfast and took a nap.

Then we started on the case transplant. (You'll recall that it turned out to be cheaper, after rebate, to get a whole case with power supply than to get just a power supply at CompUSA the other week...)

All went well...until it came time to connect the power supply to the motherboard. Didn't want to go...

....hmmm... 20 places for pins on th emotherboard, and, um, 24 pins on the connector?!

This is a case I've bought before; i used one to put together a computer for my sister. Nothing went wrong then. OK, check the explicitly says 20-pin connector.

There are adapters...but CompUSA doesn't sell them, nor does Best Buy. A local computer shop open on Sunday doesn't have them.

I've communicated my displeasure to both Antec and CompUSA. I want either to be able to trade the power supply (for another Antec, thanks; one of CompUSA's @#$!@#$ house brand power supplies dying started this whole mess) or be given one of the converters.

To top it all off, the tooth crown that came off last night came off again today. It's back on with more of the temporary adhesive pending its reinstallation...

No, I take that back. What topped it all off was the upstairs neighbors. There's a small child among them, and there's some stompage, but nowhere near the level of the Neighbors from Hell...until tonight. Billie went up and politely asked whether they were aware of the side effects of the jumping and stomping--and was told off for knocking on the door after 9:00 p.m. (Well, if the four-year-old hadn't jumped around the living room after 9:00, nobody would have knocked on their door after 9:00 p.m.)
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