September 24th, 2005


Continuing fun with nVidia

OK...I switched back to Gentoo, and after some false starts and tracking down what other people had done, I finally got version 7676 of the proprietary nVidia driver for Linux to run without hanging at the nVidia splash screen...

...only to find that it did exactly what the nVidia driver did before: hang after a short random time leaving Xorg eating 95+ percent of CPU cycles and the keyboard utterly ignored.

The thread on this particular failure mode has 330+ messages on it, and has lasted over two years. The upcoming version of the proprietary nVidia driver is claimed to fix another hang problem, and if we're lucky, may fix this, too, but nobody has reported a sure fix for the problem in the thread.

This is ridiculous. I'd switch to ATI, but there are complaints about their proprietary Linux drivers as well.

If anyone comes out with a good graphics card for which information is available to allow the writing of an open source driver that has feature and speed parity with Windows drivers, I will buy several of them in a heartbeat.
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