September 21st, 2005


power supply follies

Ack. The FC4 box died right in the middle of a "yum update".

My guess is that it's the power supply; I had one die on me before and was using a cheap CompUSA PS that I'd gotten to replace it. This time, I said screw it, I'm getting an Antec; I have always had good luck with Antec power supplies and cases.

Go to CompUSA. Oy! They're targeting the gamer types that suck down much watt-hours for high end gfx cards and cooling for their heavily overclocked systems. Way too high rated for what I'm doing, and with prices to match.

Then I look over at a sign. I'm better off, after rebate, getting a whole bleeping Antec case with power supply than I am buying even a low-end power supply by itself. $40 after the smoke clears for a nice, easy to work with case with 350W power supply. Grommets and such to keep the noise level down. I built a system for my sister with that case. I have it, and will be doing the case transplant for peripherals and motherboard this weekend.
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    Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply, Slade