September 5th, 2005


Fun of sorts with hardware...

OK...I'm headed back from Hoary Hedgehog to Gentoo 2005.1 on one of my computers. Swapped out DVD burners and burned backups, and after the fiasco last time, I told k3b to validate the copies. Decided to be really anal retentive and do the install and restore to a fresh hard drive, one of which I just happened to have lying around... so with a little jumper twiddling, screwdriver jockeying, and careful self-grounding, the new drive was in.

And I now have first-hand experience of the "click of death." On a new hard drive.

Still in warranty, so after a web form-filling campaign, a replacement was at least started towards arriving here.

Went to CompUSA--we decided that the replacement will go into something we'll set up for a couple we know from SCA who are in need of better computing. The 200 Gbyte drives for $80 were all snapped up, as I should have expected less than an hour before closing time on Labor Day, but there were two or three different looking boxes there. Hmmm...160 GB, 8 MB cache, 7200 RPM. $30 after rebate?! (And a three-year warranty, in comparison with Maxtor and others having dropped to one year.)

When CompUSA first came to town here in the Land of Pig, I was able to get a 1.2 GB hard drive for the then-amazing price of $110 (or was it $120)? Since then, I like to compare price /GB. The 1.2 GB is around $100/GB. Once the rebate smoke clears, this drive is a hair under $0.19/GB...and makes up for being over 500 times cheaper per unit storage by being a lot faster, and a darn sight quieter. (Time to get serious about MythTV.)

Too bad other items in one's budget don't fall in price like that.
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