September 2nd, 2005


Unspeakably Vile Reaction on the Left

Here on The Brad Blog Joseph Cannon describes how he was initially going to start a campaign against providing aid to the victims of Katrina—after all, they live in "red states" and thus, in his mind, deserve to die—but reconsidered, at least for New Orleans, because New Orleans on the whole voted for John Kerry.

Post 2004, moonbat opinion was just that people who voted Republican were idiots. Now, evidently, they've been downgraded to Untermenschen. Still a heck of a way to persuade people to vote for you.
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Spreading the word

Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon are working to help fen caught up in Katrina. Check it out and help if you can.

It is a proud thing to be a fan. Lonely? Nope...not with folks like these.
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