September 1st, 2005


Everything's Bush's fault...

Latest on the list: Hurricane Katrina.

Let's go down the list of moonbat theories:

1. If only Bush had signed the Kyoto treaty, we'd be on our way to stopping global warming, and Katrina wouldn't have happened. might want to check the actual data before making that kind of claim.

2. Bush ruthlessly cut funds for the Army Corps of Engineers to improve and extend the system of levees that protect New Orleans to help pay for the war in Iraq.

Um...if he did, then Clinton could arguably have done so too.. Check out what Lexis/Nexus shows the Times Picayune saying about funding of Corps of Engineers projects during the Clinton administration.

(Am I the only one who remembers back when the Army Corps of Engineers was the environmental movement's Great Satan? Back in 1993, the claim was that levees on the Mississippi just held back tiny floods, setting us up for the Big One. Nature should be allowed to run its course, people said. Now, when they're a convenient club to beat on the current administration, they're heroes.)

3. There aren't enough National Guard troops to help out on the Gulf Coast because they're all fighting in Iraq.

Take a look at this article, which quotes the New York Times on the number of troops that have been and could be sent to assist.

The desperation of the left is truly amazing.

UPDATE: Here the New York Times details the number of National Guard troops already present:
More than 5,000 National Guard troops were called up over the weekend to assist in relief operations, despite the burden of providing troops to support operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tens of thousands more may be called as the extent of the damage becomes clear, officials said.
Meanwhile, I just heard CBS News characterize that as "a handful" of troops
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