August 31st, 2005


Nerdful things...

(Hmmm...there's already a web site with that name. Great minds think alike, and all that...)

It is kind of nice to stay slightly behind the curve—you get the same exponential increase, but just a little later, and at lower cost.

I was reminded of this when I finally got around to doing a CPU upgrade on the machine at which I type this. The CPU fan was starting to make the occasional noise, so I bit the bullet, grabbed the retail Athlon XP 2200 that I bought a couple of years ago (there are classes for procrastinators, and I will take one someday...), and replaced both CPU and fan. The operation went reasonably smoothly even though I didn't pull the motherboard from the case.

The previous CPU: an 800 MHz Duron, low end by today's standards—geez, reviews for it go back five years realtime, which is a LONG time in CPU years. (OK, the XP 2200 is low end by today's standards; the 800 MHz Duron will draw guffaws from the gamer types.) We're now running with 2.25 times the clock rate, considerably more cache, and have taken a jump in front side bus frequency if I understand rightly.

So, I'm a happy camper. (If only the DVD burner worked, and Samsung's !@#$!@ proprietary driver for the CLP-510N worked under Fedora Core 4...)

Also, I'm giving Enlightenment 17 a several-day test drive, provoked by the Elive LiveCD and Didier's E17 RPMs for FC4. So far, I'm very impressed.
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