July 24th, 2005


Motel Heck

This weekend we headed to Atkinson, Kansas, for Calontir's Kingdom A&S/Trilevel competition. (If you're wondering about the music, you may not know that Atkinson, Kansas is the birthplace of Amelia Earhart.)

We didn't make a hotel reservation this time around, I guess hoping that we'd get a bargain from a hotel with vacancies...and there were such, because, speaking of Ms. Earhart, the Amelia Earhart Festival was last week. We'd priced stuff online and seen prices typically running around $70/night and up, so we thought we'd done well when the Atchison Motor Inn cited a price around $40/night...

...and then we entered the room and discovered that we were quite wrong. Let's go down the list:

Flies: are, I guess, to be expected when the rooms open to the outside with no screen doors and people typically leave them open all the time while moving stuff in and out... but they were still a constant bother.

Do I really want to know what's on the bedspread? I came in, sat down on the bedspread, and put my hands down. Sticky... yuck. I was very glad that the sheets didn't have the same problem.

...and on the carpet? Maybe it was the same thing; maybe not.

"I thought I'd let you see for yourself," my wife said to me about the bathroom. I didn't think much about it...until I looked up and saw the hunk of dry wall nailed over most of a big hole in the roof above the bathtub/shower...and then over to see the naked lightbulb which water from the shower could easily splash on, causing interesting special effects.

I guess one light will do... above the sink; the second wasn't working, and lots of water damage showed around the fixture.

Towels: felt like they were made of rope. We drove to Wal-Mart and bought some to use.

Outlets: there were two...across the room from the beds. While at Wal-Mart, we bought an extension cord so we could plug in the positive airway pressure devices.

The Atchison Motor Inn is right next to a restaurant, and in the 100-degree weather we emerged into eau de grease trap every time we left our room.

Every other motel/hotel room I've been in has some state law and the checkout time posted on the inside of the door. Our room had the thing to cover said display, but not the display itself.

We took pictures. We're going to look around for motel/hotel rating sites and describe our experience on each of them.

(The kindly old guy who runs the place asked how our stay was. After starting out with "Well, some things differed from what I expected," I went through the list. He wrote things down. I doubt we'll be checking whether anything comes of that.)

The SCA event was enormous fun...but I'm very glad to be back home.
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